ZASF has a state of the art processing facility with IQF & Plate Freezers along with sufficient storage capacity. Our plant’s processing water is passed through different filtration system which includes the high capacity R.O plant. At ZASF we have an experienced team & skilled workforce, we can handle wide range of products like HOSO, HL, Eazy peel. PUD, PD and PDTO in block and IQF forms in Species like Black Tiger , Vannamei and Sea Caught Materials.

Major markets for the Company are Japan, USA, European Union, Vietnam, China, South East Asian Countries, Middle East Countries, etc. ZASF takes full responsibility of its products as it is manned by skilled and technologically upgraded Production Team and an efficient QA Team. It also takes part in different welfare activities by contributing towards NGO’s and welfare funds fulfilling its responsibility in social arena.

The crown of the group so far as total export value is concerned, is the high-value product “Black Tiger Shrimp”. The natural Black Tiger Shrimps (KOLKATA EBI Brand) from the backwaters of Sunderban forests has its own competitive edge over shrimps farmed in other geographical locations. Black Tiger Shrimp is farmed in natural environment in West Bengal where direct connection is there between the extensive farms and the estuaries leading to the sea. During the full moon and the new moon, the shrimps swim against the current of water created by the tide which come inside the extensive ponds and get trapped in the bamboo boxes. Hence, landing of these natural shrimps take place in West Bengal at the whims of nature only during the full moon and new moon phases. The landing of these natural shrimps from the Sunderban estuarine regions takes place from the beginning of April to the end of October where May to August is taken as the peak period. So, these black tiger shrimps (Kolkata EBI Brand) can be termed as nearby “Organic Shrimps”.

Semi-intensive cultivation mostly in Midnapore area produces Cultured Black Tiger Shrimps (MIZU GOHAN brand). The culture process is same what is followed in other parts of the world, like Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam & in India at Tuticorin belt.

The same way White legged shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei) also started being cultured in Midnapore belt of West Bengal. These shrimps are packed in MIZU GOHAN brand itself from 2013 onwards.

ZASF started its commercial production in March 2010, with the freezing capacity of finished products 31 MT/Day. It started with 600 MT/Annum and today in 2022 its producing to the tune of 4500 MT/Annum. The magnificent growth is seen due to the constant vigilance by the management and infusion of capital by the promoters for latest machineries & equipment /working capital requirements. By the continual developments as per GFSI standards like HACCP, BRC, V.8, we are targeting our production to increase to 5500-6000 MT/annum in upcoming years which would include a range of products like HL Easy Peel, PD Tail off, Butterfly, PND, PUD and Marination’s as per requirements in Block and IQF forms.

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