Z. A. Sea Foods is a successful Product Experience Insights company that operates on exports from India.

Our team casts a wide net across many backgrounds and academics. We celebrate the uniqueness and strength found in diversity: it’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared belief in ZASF Values that bind us together.

These values form ZASF culture as one guided by respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and we do so through a diverse team working together in an honest, inclusive environment. We all commit to creating a safe working.

We're passionate about communicating clearly with our users and within our team. We pursue big goals by prioritizing brilliantly, taking quick decisions, and delivering incremental change. Success is measured by the value we create for our users.

If you intend to work with us on the following verticals, you may mail your CV to us at [email protected]